The FDM 3D printing method produces parts from extruded thermoplastics that can be used for end use applications.  With a wide range of materials, FDM prototypes can be use for quick design verification as well as end use production parts.

  • Excellent For Tough End Use Prototypes


  • Max Dimensions - 13" x 9.4" x 11.8"


  • Layer Thickness - Down To 20 Microns


  • Material Options - Nylon, PLA, Tough PLA, ABS, CPE, PVA, PC, TPU 95A, PP

The FDM prototyping process produces parts by extruding melted thermoplastics layer by layer, building the part from the bottom up.  The process produces parts that can be used in a wide range of industries for an even wider range of applications.  Quick print times allow for fast design verification and durable and certified materials allow for the production of end use complex parts.


Combine build and water-soluble support materials to create complex mechanical parts and intricate surfaces or choose to print with two colors. PLA (polylactic acid) is reliable, offers fantastic surface quality, and it's made from organic, renewable sources. This is just one example of the many materials available in FDM Printing.


Call today to learn more about the FDM 3D printing process and how it can be utilized in your workflow.

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