Whether your needs call for a quick design verification or fully automated mass production, Source Graphics has the services, technologies, materials and know-how to tackle any project.

  • Accurate 3D CAD designs built in Solidworks.

  • Designers and Engineers with 15+ years of experience.

  • Perfect for fit and form testing.

  • Large build sizes and wide variety of material options.

  • High resolution complex geometry prototype parts.

  • Smallest layer resolution, down to 16 microns.

  • Ideal for durable and functional 3D printed prototypes.

  • Wide variety of nylon and filled nylon materials.

  • 3D Printing in thermoplastic materials.

  • Fit and form testing, small production, jigs and fixtures.

  • Full color demonstration models.

  • Great for Architectural 3D printing and quick verification.

  • Metal 3D printed, functional prototypes

  • 3D Print complex metal geometries, previously impossible.

  • Low volume, short run production up to 500 parts.

  • High volume, fully automated tooling available.