Direct Metal Laser Sintered 3D printing materials are capable of producing complex metal parts that previously would have been impossible to build.

  • 40% Stiffer than ABS

  • Nylon & Chopped Carbon Fiber

  • High Heat Resistance

  • Excellent Surface Finish

  • The Stiffest, Strongest Fiber with The Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio

  • 8x Stronger than ABS

  • 20% Stronger than Aluminum

  • Great for Robotic Arms, Forming Tools, Inspection Parts, and End Use Parts

  • 11x Stiffer than ABS and 26x More Rigid than Nylon

  • Great for Jigs, FIxtures, Functional Prototypes, and End Use Parts


  • Tough, Lightweight Material

  • 8x More Impact Resistant than ABS

  • 15% Lighter than Other Reinforcement Fibers

  • Great for End Effectors, Soft Jaws, Cradles, and End Use Parts


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