Selective Laser Sintering utilizes a laser to melt and fuse powdered materials into a solid 3D printed prototype.  Initially designed for quick design verification, SLS evolved to allow the production of end-use 3D prototypes.  With it's wide range of materials, SLS is capable of producing parts with living hinges, snap fits and high heat tolerances.

  • Excellent For Highly Durable, Functional Parts


  • Max Dimensions - 28" x 19" x 19"


  • Layer Thickness - Down To 0.004"


  • Material Options - Variety Of Nylon Materials

The SLS prototyping process is an ideal option for 3D printing parts with complex geometries that would be difficult to post process using traditional prototyping methods.  The ease of post processing is due to the support being provided by the unsintered powder surrounding the part being built.  Once printing is complete the excess powder is dusted off and the part is ready for use.


SLS 3D printing allows for printing of highly durable, complex and flexible models.  Popular in the aerospace and automotive industries, SLS has become the go to for creating functional one-off prototypes that meet the stringent requirements of high speed air and ground travel.  


Call us today to learn more about the SLS 3D printing process and how it can benefit your prototyping and manufacturing workflow.  



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